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Inhouse Global is a Real Estate Consultancy Company offering wide range of services including multilingual real estate consultations in Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, French and Chinese. Our real estate consultant are working creatively to serve the customer’s end to end needs.

Our company is offering services around the world from our offices, operating inside and outside of Turkey.


Inhouse Global - Real Estate Turkey

Real Estate Consultant:

Inhouse Global is a leading property consultancy company specializing in a range of sales and investment opportunities in Turkey.

Our professional team of Real Estate consultants are here to assist you at every step of your journey in making the right decision for purchasing or investment. 

Real Estate Tour:

Inhouse Global manages the inspection trips to properties we are marketing, assisting buyers with their travel needs and providing destination experiences to help buyers decide where to buy through understanding the investment and lifestyle benefits particular destinations have to offer.

After-Sale Services:

InHouse Global services do not end when you sign contracts, but also extend to after-sales services. We will manage all the legal affairs and assist you to resale with an ideal investment opportunity.

Online Services:

With the online reservation system, you can book and purchase any property. InHouse Global’s real estate experts will accompany you with an online tour of the projects.

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Our company is part of the GYODER organization, which was founded in 1999, after meeting representatives of existing real estate investment funds, and those “under construction” in Turkey. The organization brings together all its sub-industries under the roof of “real estate in Turkey”. The platform changed its name in 2013 to “the Real Estate and Investment funds Organization” and became a fully embracing structure.


GİGDER - Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association is a non-governmental organization that promotes our country and real estate investments in the international real estate market, working to become one of the most important foreign exchange-generating activities of real estate sales by producing sustainable policies and institutionalizing the sector, as a specialized consultant organization of stakeholders that sell real estate to foreigners.


Turkey-Lebanon Business Council was established in Turkey’s strategy to develop its ties with neighbors and countries in the region. They chose Lebanon as a partner because of its position as an important regional trade and finance center. They signed the Establishment Agreement in 2002 with the Lebanese Economy Forum. The purpose of the Council is the advancement of bilateral trade and investment relations.

Lebanon has assumed the function of a bridge connection to Turkey with the Arab World. Lebanon is also an important re-export center. The Council wants to use Lebanon’s role as a go-between to strengthen the ties between Turkish companies and Arab countries.

Business Council was established in 1994 with the Jordanian Businessmen Association acting as Counterpart Organisation. The primary aim of the Council is to encourage bilateral trade and industrial cooperation and joint ventures. The Council also lobbied both the private sector and state authorities for a Free Trade Agreement. Jordan has concluded an FTA with the United States of America. This makes it an attractive destination for Turkish investors.

DEİK/Turkey-Libya Business Council was established during the 20th Mixed Economic Commission (KEK) meeting by an agreement was signed between the Chamber of Commerce and DEİK.