About us

“Innovation drives to success… “

Inhouse Global Company (part of FERGÜVEN GAYRİMENKUL YATIRIM İNŞAAT TURİZM SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ). is one of the most promising companies in the field of real estate investment, offering real estate and legal services and advice to foreigners who want to own a property in Turkey, along with the most experienced real estate consultants with over 10 years’ experience. It offers a wide-range of services, which includes the real estate and legal consulting with many different languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, Persian, Russian and French, in the hope of providing our customers all around the world with the best services. Our vision is very clear, we aim to be one of the biggest names in the real estate field, alongside occupying the first place in the Arabian markets, targeting all Arabian, Iranian, Azerbaijani and other communities wherever they are, including Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, America, and Canada.


Why us

Our aim is our costumer’s satisfaction, so we always seek to meet all our costumers’ needs in both fields of legal and real estate investment, verifying the whole relative procedures.

Inhouse global has several advantages over the other real estate companies, in which it provides high quality services with competitive prices, coupled with unique offers which cannot be found in other places.

“We always maintain our customers’ satisfaction”


Our Team

We have a very special team includes leading individuals with extensive experience, which was built over 10 years in the field of real estate investment.

Proudly Part Of GYODER

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GYODER was founded in 1999 by the representatives of existing real estate investment trusts and those under establishment process in Turkey (REIT).

The organization that gathers all sub-industries of the sector under the same roof as “Turkey Real Estate Platform” changed its name in 2013 as “Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts Association” and transformed into a structure that embraces the overall sector.

Partner with DEIK


Turkey – Lebanon


The DEİK/Turkey-Lebanon Business Council was established in the context of Turkey’s strategy to develop its ties with neighbours and countries in the region. Lebanon was chosen as a partner because of its position as an important regional trade and finance centre. The Establishment Agreement was signed in 2002 with the Lebanese Economy Forum. The purpose of the Council is the advancement of bilateral trade and investment relations. In its promotion of the Turkish economy the Council has built strong ties with Lebanese authorities and the Lebanese business community, and organises events in Lebanon and Turkey designed to bring businessmen from both sides together. The Council has also sent delegations to regional conferences such as the “Arab Economic Forum” which acts as uniting platform for the Arab business community in Lebanon. In this respect, Lebanon has assumed the function of a bridge connection Turkey with the Arab World. Lebanon is also an important re-export centre. The Council wants to use Lebanon’s role as go-between in order to strengthen the ties between Turkish companies and Arab countries.



Turkey – Jordan


The DEİK/Turkey-Jordan Business Council was established in 1994 with the Jordanian Businessmen Association acting as Counterpart Organisation. The primary objective of the Council is to encourage bilateral trade and industrial cooperation as well as joint ventures. The Council also lobbied both the private sector and state authorities for a Free Trade Agreement. Jordan has concluded an FTA with the United States of America. This makes it an attractive destination for Turkish investors. The Council has highlighted this advantage in its promotion of investments in the country, in particular to Turkish textile companies. In its future activities, the Council intends to focus on new sectors as well as on Jordan’s potential role as a gateway to the Gulf countries. Due to the ongoing war in Syria, Turkish exporters must find new trade routes. Currently Turkey is holding talks with Jordan on the commencement of regular Ro-Ro services between the two countries.



Turkey – Libya


DEİK/Turkey-Libya Business Council was established during 20th Mixed Economic Commission (KEK) meeting by an agreement was signed between the Chamber of Commerce and DEİK.