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All About the Beautiful Esenyurt

Esenyurt, Information & Main features:

Esenyurt, one of Istanbul’s 39 municipalities, in the European part of Istanbul, west of Ataturk Airport. They divide the municipality into two parts. The first is a popular area with cheap prices, and the second is a modern and sophisticated area where residential and commercial towers, gardens and upscale markets there.

Esenyurt is 43.11 km west of European Istanbul. One of Istanbul’s largest municipalities, Istanbul Airport is 49 km away, Taksim Square 35 km away and Fatih Town 28 km away. Population: 891,120 according to 2018 statistics, Esenyurt is therefore a large and vibrant municipality.

Esenyurt area is well-known for its enormous network of taxis, minibusses and large buses and being the most important transit hub in Istanbul, which connects Istanbul to Istanbul, Asia, Europe, and passes the most important municipalities. There is also a bus within the metro stations, and there are also metro and tram stations. Within the Istanbul municipalities plan, the metro network has access to the municipality.


Governmental Interest in The Region:

Istanbul municipality sought to develop this region to be a significant one, starting with its interest in building luxurious residential projects with modern urban design. The beautiful extensive gardens, such as the Martyrs’ Park, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Park, and more, have spread.


Esenyurt region as a target for real estate investors in Turkey:

This area matches a request for anyone looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul for several reasons: The prices of the apartments offered for sale are very reasonable in a city like Istanbul, and their luxurious apartments within huge complexes and projects.

Several important universities in the region, including government and private universities, such as the University of Esenyurt, the University of Bekent and more…

The municipal efforts succeeded. Esenyurt is now a rapidly developing region and has become the target of real estate investment in Turkey for many foreign and domestic investors, especially after and in full, where cultural centers have been built and large molds and commercial centers built.


Important centers in region:

Martyrs’ Garden: One of Istanbul’s largest parks, the area’s residents and neighborhoods spend their Saturday and Sunday vacation time, with walking and jogging trails, barbecue places among the vast green spaces and a small mosque for prayers during your leisure trip.


Features of the Esenyurt:

  • The prices of apartments and homes are falling, it is one of the most low-priced areas in Istanbul.
  • A popular region full of different nationalities of Arabs, Turks, Kurds and others.
  • Easy to have a suitable job.
  • It has luxurious and modern residential complexes. Along with popular areas.
  • Filled with recreational services from parks, parks and educational centers.


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