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All You Need to know About Investment in Cyprus.

All You Need to know About Investment in Cyprus.


Is Cyprus a safe place to invest?

Cyprus has enjoyed political stability for decades. It is widely known as a prosperous democracy that despite the recent recession of the economy, official reports highlight the return to growth and stability of the economy. Regarding terrorism and racism, which is something usual occurring all over Europe and the Middle East during the recent time, Cyprus is intact of such threats that disrupt the health of the economy and the social web, and therefore, any Russian, Chinese or Muslim wishing to buy an investor’s project will not worry about the above.


What are my options as an investor?

InHouse Global offers Investors several options of investments, and in particular, profitable investments, net capital gains investments, and a possibility of working out full investment projects.  You may invest in residential, commercial or mixed-use properties

What about the location of the projects?

We carefully choose the land where each project is developed and we mostly prefer central city and coastal locations for commercial properties and coastal plots for residential buildings. The reasons lie behind the fact that our customers mostly prefer the benefits deriving from the combination of the central city location and the proximity to the beach, combining comfort, ease of access, and magnificent sea vistas that these locations offer. For the people who prefer a peaceful life in the suburbs, we also construct projects in such areas to keep up with their demands.


Why invest in Limassol, Cyprus?

Limassol observes constant development and high growth. Following the end of a recession period, someone may see extensive projects emerging from various investments, including projects of our own. Cyprus fulfills many factors that an investor looks into political stability, economic growth, climate, infrastructure, health and education for foreigners, religious freedom, and more. Racism and terrorism rise in every continent, but this is not a fact for Cyprus, one of the safest countries in the world to live and invest in. It is worth to mention that Cypriots respect and welcome investors, because they contribute to the further development of their country.


Why should a customer buy an investment in Cyprus?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Cyprus: the warm climate, the reasonable cost of living, the proven low crime figures, the abundance of selections regarding education for foreigners and the health system, the religious freedom and ability to pray in the relevant facilities, the beauty and attractions of the island, the rich list of restaurant choices and others.


What is the demand for property acquisition?

Recent statistics reveal a demand of high-value property, and for villas worth more than €2 million. Many foreigners in their aim to get Cyprus citizenship buy property of such value, but they have a preference on villas compared to luxury apartments. There is a proven need in the market to create more villas instead of luxury apartments, which is exactly the opposite of what is happening now.

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