“All you want to know about Turkish Citizenship”

“All you want to know about Turkish Citizenship”

How to obtain Turkish nationality by purchasing a property worth US$250.000 or equivalent in other currencies?

Here are some (questions and answers) for those who are thinking about stability in Turkey.

What makes Turkish Citizenship special?

For the facilities that the government offered to foreign investors.

In exchange for investments made by foreigners, and for specific amounts they provide to boost the economy of the country. Turkey has begun to grant Turkish nationality to foreign investors.these facilities will be explained as follows:

A-An investor could acquire Turkish citizenship. Only if he could acquire a property in excess of $25,000, and would pledge not to sell the property in less than three months.

B-Owning a $500,000 project as fixed capital with  more than 40 Turkish nationals will have Turkish nationality with ease.

-Why do foreigners prefer to gain Turkish nationality?

-Turkey’s stability plays an important role in becoming a security center for all citizens who did not find such security and stability in their country.

As their country lacks stability that guarantees a decent life, apart from Turkey’s economic power, where it became a refuge for investors from all countries in the world.

-In order to clarify to everyone who thinks about stability in Turkey, some aspects that help him in making the right decision, the following are some of the information given to the Turkish passport, the types of it. World-wide features and power.

–The power of Turkey’s passport globally.

One of the world’s 50 most powerful passports, Turkey’s passport results from a study by a high-ranking international institution have indicated that Turkey’s passport has an international ranking.

-A study reported that the Turkish passport was ranked 41 globally.

Moreover, 18 Europeans in 2019 .

-The Turkish passport allows its holder to enter 72 countries without considering the fees of Visa and 49 countries with a visa at the airport. The Turkish passport holder (without a visa) may include Qatar, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine,…

Who can have Turkish nationality?

Turkish citizenship is a dream of many, because of the several advantages we have already mentioned, apart from its advantages and economic, social  rights. In addition to the range of facilities granted by the State to investors, entrepreneurs and diplomats, they benefit from the strength of the country’s economy.

The Turkish naturalization Act was issued under No. 5901, which was enacted on 29/05/2009 and published in the Official Gazette on 12/06/2009 under No. 27256.

Act No. 5901 established the following cases:

-Acquisition of Turkish nationality by means of Ottoman or Turkish assets.

– Continuous accommodation on Turkish territory.

Stay in Turkey for five years without interruption (and not outside Turkey for six months) .. He is eight years higher if he is half-year-old if the applicant continues to live in Turkey and has a job.

Citizenship by marriage to a Turkish citizen.

Marriage to a Turkish citizen does not necessarily (directly) have the right to Turkish citizenship. However, if such a marriage lasts for at least three years, it is entitled to apply for it.

-Citizenship by adoption.

-The granting of Turkish nationality by a decision of the competent authority.

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