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Antalya.. The Best Investment Destination..

Antalya.. The Best Investment Destination..


About Antalya:

Antalya is not only a very well-known sea resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, but also an attractive destination for foreign investors, for the economic fields that offer many opportunities for business.

Import/export, tourism, agriculture and yachting are the main important economic sectors in which foreign entrepreneurs may activate, after they open a company in Turkey.

The city has a population of over one million inhabitants and it is one of the most visited cities in the world in the last years. This means it offers important business opportunities in tourism because of the natural conditions (sunny and warm weather during the tourism season and pleasant weather all year long).

The foreign tourists will spend a few days of relaxation in this part of Turkey, where over 8 million visitors came only in one year (2009) and most of them were from Germany and Russia. The region of Antalya has 163 blue flag beaches and three marinas.

There are also important opportunities for entrepreneurs interested in import/export since Antalya is the city where over 700 companies, that are active in export business, have the headquarters. The main products exported from Turkey are the agricultural (fruits, vegetables, flowers etc.) and industrial ones (ferrous, nonferrous metals, cement, chemicals etc.). The major countries for exports are: Russia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, China, etc.


Agriculture in Antalya:

Antalya is an important destination also for agriculture and this region ranked the first place in Turkey for agricultural production, with a GNP of over 4.7 million TL. Most of the entrepreneurs who run a business in agriculture use modern technologies and some of them practice an organic agriculture.


At the top positions of vegetable production are: tomato, cucumber, and watermelon and the most cultivated fruits are citrus, then come apples, pomegranates, and bananas. Antalya is an important producer of other agricultural products, such as milk, meat, honey, and eggs. Agriculture has a share of 18% in Antalya’s GDP, while the entire agriculture in Turkey is 14% of the national GDP.


A special zone for investments in Antalya is the free one near the port, and it has been operational since 1987. The free zone offers important facilities for foreign investors, such as electricity, water sources, communications, roads, and all it is necessary for starting a business. In this zone, there are over 100 companies that run original businesses.

Antalya provides business opportunities for research and development, transportation, logistics and yacht building.


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mostafa alwahidi

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