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Bahçeşehir “The District of Gardens”

Bahçeşehir “The District of Gardens”

Bahçeşehir region, which means Arabic “The District of Gardens”:

This area is famous for its gardens, hills and valleys, giving it all the examples of breathtaking beauty. Not only is it famous for its luxury shopping centers with many international and local brands, popular markets and bazaars, apart from its various cafes and restaurants.

The famous Bahçeşehir is in the European Side of Istanbul, and affiliated with the municipality of Basaksehir, northwest of Lake Küçükçekmece. The area’s location gives it a profitable investment, making it one of Istanbul’s most architecturally developed regions, 25 km from the city center and 20 km from Atatürk International Airport, while the land in a region is famous for its spread of small hills, hills, and valleys. Which gives the district a natural beauty.

Bahçeşehir is in an area of 3,703,000 square meters, with a building area of 15,400 residential apartments, has been planned. In addition, it has a diverse plant cover of various trees.

Investment importance:

Bahçeşehir area has many luxurious residential complexes with the highest comfort and security facilities, social and health facilities and many shops such as malls, offices and shopping complexes. Bahçeşehir, which is linked to Başakşehir, has become important and attractive for real estate investors, and the region is witnessing a rise in the prices of real estate, especially the areas close to the lake, and observers expect a rise of Real estate prices are at a significant rate of about 50 percent after the completion of the metro line project linking the area to the city’s central areas of interest.

Governmental interest in the region:

Bahçeşehir area or as (Garden City) Housing was first opened by the collective Housing Department of the Turkish Prime Minister through the construction of a series of pilot real estate projects. While increasing the strategic value of Bahçeşehir, it is close to the most important projects such as Istanbul III Bridge and Marmara Express Road, besides the projects Turkey intends to open in the few years, such as Istanbul water channel that will control the European end of Istanbul city. And Lannensi opened the new third airport of Istanbul, which took place on the 29th of October, in coincidence with the anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic. These projects will raise the value of real estate in the region and herald a unique investment future. A modern water refining and purification facility is housed in Bahçeşehir to be used in the green areas of the region, and to provide extensive amounts of freshwater for the sustainability of water resources through their reprocessing.

One of the Bahçeşehir landmarks is the largest artificial lake in Turkey, which is Lake (Bahçeşehir). It covers an area of 300,000 square meters and is surrounded by a wide range of restaurants, cafes, clubs and other social facilities.

Not just an investment zone. Even entertainment:

Bahçeşehir has several public parks as Bahçeşehir Park (Gulet), which is beautiful in design, waterways and lakes, and sports walkway, children’s games, equipment, sports equipment, and beautiful green spaces.

In the same context, the area includes huge shopping centers such as the famous Akabati center, which includes many Turkish and international shops, restaurants, cafes, and cinema, while the area has a famous bazaar, which is distinguished by selling vegetables, fruits, nuts and many home needs. It also has an open-air business area, which is a hub for a range of cafes, international and Turkish restaurants, and some shops and a small garden behind it.

Transportation in Bahceşehir:

The city administration has an important role in Bahçeşehir neighborhood, where it has established several transport links to connect the area to all parts of Istanbul.

—Metro Bus.



According to everything listed, we draw the real value that this region has given itself, a “modern” project in Turkey that is constantly developing to maintain and sustain Turkey’s position among the world’s states.

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