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Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Property Investment in Beylikduzu

Why is Beylikduzu considered as one of the best districts for investment? In this article, we will shed light on the best features of Beylikduzu.


An Amazing New Life District:

Beylikduzu is a modern residential area with a growing popularity after 2000’s. It is one of the most durable regions of Istanbul, and has become one of Istanbul’s star-studded real estate spots with its modern life projects, yet easy transportation facilities. The region is similar to the European cities in the percentage of green areas. Each street and avenue has trees planted with equal spaces, making the area an open nature museum.

Beylikduzu has a clean, windy and more airy atmosphere than the central districts of Istanbul. Since there are wooded areas in almost every part of Beylikduzu, seasonal passages turn into a visual feast.

Beylikduzu, where many housing projects take place, will be hosting many new projects under construction and planned. With the proliferation of the projects, Beylikduzu, where new living areas were formed, added value to its value.


What makes Beylikduzu Special?

The district has a 12.4 km coastline along the Sea of Marmara and its neighbouring districts are Avcılar, Esenyurt and Büyükçekmece. It is very well-planned when compared to other districts. There are many building complexes with many facilities instead of squatter houses.

As a result of its location, Beylikduzu has never become a popular district in the city to reside. It’s usually preferred by families and university students whose university campuses are located here in Beylikduzu. The social life of the district is not very lively. So, you may expect to find many shopping malls and coastal roads where residents of the district enjoy their time or rest. Activity starts with morning sports at the coastal promenade road where you can also enjoy beautiful sunset and continues until the later hours of the night.


Transportation in Beylikduzu:

Transportation was modernized by the extension of the Metrobus Line which has made a great influence. With Metrobus Line, it is now possible to access Beylikduzu whenever you want.  

In the near future, the Ministry of Transportation of Beylikduzu-Bakirkoy Metro is planned to be laid. This line will also be connected to Yenikapı – İncirli Metro line.

From Beylikduzu, Ataturk Airport is 13 km away. There are 2 connection roads from Beylikdüzü to TEM (European Transit Highway) and Hadıköy and Esenyurt.

In addition, Between Beylikduzu and Zincirlikuyu, the Metrobus and the average takes 60 minutes. Apart from the metrobus, express buses move from Taksim to the district, while the 145T bus travels directly from Taksim to Cumhuriyet, Barış, Büyükşehir neighborhoods and 145M bus goes to Adnan Kahveci neighborhood directly from Taksim. The district is located on the E-5 highway Yenibosna and Bakirkoy departure Büyükçekmece direction to all the public transportation vehicles can be reached.

You can reach anywhere:

  • Taksim Square 50 minutes
  • Bakırköy Square 20 minutes
  • Mecidiyeköy Square 40 minutes
  • Sultanahmet Square 40 minutes

For these reasons and more this area of Istanbul is a great choice for those who want to buy a property for their personal use as a vacation house or for investments.


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