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Bursa…An attractive City to Invest in.

Bursa…An attractive City to Invest in.


In the Marmara Region, Bursa can be the right area for your future property. It is one of the largest cities in the country and mostly this district is famous for the mountain Uludağ that is one of the highest mountains founded in Turkey. Many extra projects have emerged in recent years so we can offer you a variety of properties if you want to invest in Bursa. If you still have some questions on your mind, read the following reasons. This may be an amazing opportunity for your future property.



Ambitious and successful entrepreneurs, growing workforce and new advances in the sectors have helped the industry of Bursa become a very modern one. Main sectors include textile, tourism, furniture and automobile. The economy of the district has developed thanks to the investments made especially by the foreign investors.



As one of the biggest tourism centers of Turkey, Bursa is a very historical and ancient town carrying out Byzantine and Ottoman features from the very early years; the mosques, the tombs, the museums, the historical buildings. You can see the reflections of its rich culture everywhere. What is more? Thermal baths, outdoor sport facilities and with its natural beauties the town is always active during both winter and summer season.



Having Gemlik Port Area, Gemlik Free Zone, the city is one of the important port regions of Turkey. Like Yalova, with newly built highways, the travel time has diminished and travelling has become much easier than before. Now you can reach Bursa city by plane, car, bus, railway (with transit pass) and boat. Travelling Bursa by boat is the fastest alternative, especially if you are coming from Istanbul area.



Did you know that Bursa has ranked number 48 from 5.000 cities on the world ranking of “The Cities With The Highest Quality Of Life”? The government has taken all the precautions to establish a good quality of life in Bursa; you can understand from the reforms made for such as education, health, human rights. Having become a metropolitan district, Bursa offers a high quality of life depending on the international standards in many aspects.



Surrounded by nature, the area holds a very important situation since it is close to the other significant cities like Istanbul and Ankara that make it easier for transportation. Besides, being a coastal town makes Bursa properties valuable like Yalova’s properties; if you buy a property in Bursa, you may gain a good profit. Its position is also very important that it provides the logistic connections between the cities.


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mostafa alwahidi

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