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The Best Residential Projects in Turkey

When searching for an apartment for sale, you will start thinking about many things. First, the number of rooms and the living area of the apartment. If we have a nuclear family, we always want something larger than we need. Second, location is another significant standard for the properties. Because if your work and residence […]

Turkish Passport and its Benefits

Turkish Passport Turkish nationality gives you one of the most powerful passports in the world. The Turkish passport ranked 23th globally among the most powerful passports in the world according to the “Henley Index”. A Turkish passport holder can enter 117 countries without a visa or issue an entry visa at the airport upon arrival. […]

How to Apply for Turkish Nationality

How and when to apply for Turkish Nationality? In order to apply for the nationality of Turkey, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions: The applicant must be of the age of majority under the national judicial system of your country, usually 18 years. Stability in Turkey over the past five years (provided that the […]

The Smart Investment in Bodrum!

Real estates in Bodrum, is an attention center for foreign real estate investors across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Among other famous areas, Bodrum engages many nationalities looking for either vacation homes or an abode for permanent relocation to the country. Bodrum in Nutshell It is an enjoyable coastal resort and a popular […]

The Increasing Need of Turkish Citizenship for Iranian Citizens

Foreign investments to the real estate sector by cutting down the amount applied for granting citizenship to foreign home area earned strength in Turkey. Especially also increased the interest of their country during the civil war or oppression of Arab regimes and Middle Eastern countries who want to get rid of such factors as citizens […]

How to get a mortgage to buy real estate in Turkey?

When you consider buying a property, financing is an important matter. Banks make it easier with their mortgage opportunities. Turkish banks supply mortgages to loanees up to 75% of the property value. The property value is audited by a sworn appraiser according to SPK (Turkish Capital Market Authority) regulations. In 2007, Turkey adopted the mortgage […]