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The Future of Real Estates in Turkey

Turkey is among the biggest countries in the world, and one of the distinguished addresses of those who want to invest in real estate. Foreign investors continue to increase their earnings by investing in many regions of Turkey. As well as Istanbul, districts such as Bursa, Ankara, Mer-sin, and Antalya city are very popular among […]

Guideline to Convert Commercial Property To Residential In Turkey

  How to Convert a Commercial Property to Residential in Turkey?   Many real estate owners change the type of real estate registry. This is usually done by those wishing to turn shops in Turkey into apartments. Although this is relatively easy, it may cause future problems. Landlords can change the type of real estate […]

Top Commercial Project of 2020

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic effect the world economy, Turkish Real Estate Market maintained its position and proved to be one of the best investment opportunities for the investors. So, let’s have a look to the top selling commercial project of 2020 and see what features they are offering which attracts the customers. If you […]

The Best Residential Projects in Turkey

When searching for an apartment for sale, you will start thinking about many things. First, the number of rooms and the living area of the apartment. If we have a nuclear family, we always want something larger than we need. Second, location is another significant standard for the properties. Because if your work and residence […]

Turkey Remains World’s Top Real Estate Price Rising Country!

Turkish Real Estate Market shows enormous interest in terms of price stability and investment choice. Real Estate Market in Turkey: Turkey is an interesting country because of its transportation facilities, tourism, and entertainment opportunities, and convention tourism. Istanbul, as a renowned city, draws the attention of investors from all around the world. Istanbul, where Europe […]

Extra Expenses for Buying Property in Turkey

What is an Appraisal Report: Importantly, an Appraisal report shows the value of the property. In addition to being obligatory to get before they do the title deed transfer to the foreigners who are buying property in Turkey. Howecer, the cost of SPK (Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu) validated Appraisal Report is approximately 1.500 Turkish Lira (TL), […]

Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate Consultant… Key Role in Purchasing Process! Seeking the services of a professional real estate consultant when buying a property can help you save your money and your time. No one knows the local market like a local real estate agent. Metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, and Trabzon come to the […]