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Trusted construction companies in Turkey

Trusted construction companies in Turkey

Construction companies has the main role in any real estate project because they are managing all the infrastructure services, providing specialist design and build capabilities. The knowledge, skills and intellectual capital of their staff ensures that the company is able to manage and integrate all aspects of a project.

Turkey has a very strong real estate market and beside this market are the construction companies who make this sector strong and stable. Even though the global pandemic of Covid-19 has destabilized the world’s economy, Turkish real estate market has suffered way less than other sectors and has digest the implications of this pandemic.

So, let’s see some of the trusted construction companies of Turkey who are the strength of the Turkish Real Estate sector.



Sinpaş was founded in 1974 and is one of the oldest real estate construction companies in Turkey. They are famous for building projects focused on a high quality of living. The unique projects developed by Sinpaş helped in wining numerous awards and their brand grow with the rise of those projects, adding value to Turkish Real Estate Market.

Sinpaş has approached each one of its projects as a respective artwork and opened the doors of a new life to more than 80 thousand people. Being the owner of the idea of housing marketing, Sinpaş is the first in Turkey to pay attention to landscape besides the house and it has suggested that a lifestyle and socializing is also possible outside the house.

Famous projects of Sinpaş includes Queen Bomonti, Finans Şehir, Metrolife, Bosphorus City and many more.


DAP Yapı:

DAP Yapı provides value addition for Turkish economy and positive values for the lives of the people. With the living areas they establish by starting with concepts of water, nature and future. DAP Yapı has become a company being considered as a model today. DAP Yapı has come into being by realizing its first branded housing projects in 1999 in the light of its sectorial expertise based on long years.

DAP Yapı continues to open the doors of a diversified living by bringing the most prestigious projects of sector into life. DAP Yapı has also realized things for the first time with respect to architectural uniqueness.

Validebag Konaklari, Istmarinam, Selale Village are some of the major projects under the name tag of DAP Yapı.


Seba Inşaat:

Seba Inşaat is an award-winning property development company with exclusive residential projects in Turkey. It is a family-owned property development and construction company established in 1993. Seba has earned the trust and respect of their investors and clients by delivering dozens of successful, high-end projects and also contributed to the growth of Turkish economy by providing exclusive investment opportunities and modern real estate development solutions.

Seba Inşaat completed major projects around Istanbul and Bodrum including hospitality and tourism, business centers and luxurious residential projects. Major projects Includes Seba Suites, Seba Emirgan, Seba Serenity and more.


Gül Inşaat:

With its more than 30 years of experience, Gul Group is one of the leading companies in the construction sector. Since it was first established in Istanbul, dozens of bold, new projects of lasting value have been carried out, complementing the architectural aesthetic of the city. Inspired by the vision of becoming a pioneering leader in the real estate sector Gül İnşaat has constructed projects with reliability & high quality of service and by designing natural, environmentally-friendly living spaces for both current and future generations.

Gul Construction has undersigned many successful projects, such as Rose Marine Residence, Avcilar Park, Gunesli Park, Skyport, Otoport, Is West and Kavakli Residences.



The foundations of MESA HOLDING were laid 50 years ago in 1969 as MESA Residential Industry. MESA, which started off as a single company and turned into a holding, added every year it left behind to the future of the lives it touched. Today, it is proud to produce 50 years of future.

Since 1969, MESA bears the signature on nearly 95,000 residences. It is the symbol of excellence in construction at every stage of production, including infrastructure, landscaping and design. Mesa has realized many ‘firsts’ in its sector with an understanding that constructs its buildings with its surroundings and created the concept of ‘brand in housing’ by fundamentally changing the collective housing approach.

Major projects of the company includes Mesa Çubuklu, Mesa Koz and Mesa Cadde.



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