Everything we know about Istanbul Airport

• Artificial intelligence and intelligent systems were used at the airport, which has been invested up to 200 million euros so far.

• There are 3 data centers in Istanbul airport, 102 integrated system, 467 units of server, 780 telecommunications room, 3257 card crossing point, 3267 flight Information Monitor, 4549 supported computer, 9000 security camera.

• 20 million GB of data space will be available within Istanbul new airport. This figure is equivalent to 80 thousand network ports in an average city.

• The airport has a total fiber cable as far as the distance between Istanbul and Berlin.

• There are 4500 km of copper wiring between Istanbul and new Delhi.

• With a total of 780 people, the airport will be responsible for 5 main systems such as infrastructure, security, aviation, business applications and software development.

• Passengers departing from home will be described as the shortest way to reach the airport. 9 thousand security cameras and 4 thousand sensors will be found at the airport.

• The airport has a total capacity of approximately 150 million passengers, approximately 19 landing and departure on each track.

• At the airport with an apron capacity of 500, planes such as Airbus and Boeing 737-800 are able to land.

• 248 of 9 thousand cameras will recognise the passengers with facial recognition feature. Passengers who leave their luggage, scream, and exhibit suspicious movements will be detected immediately.

• Istanbul airport occupies a total area of 76.2 square kilometers. The Metro is scheduled to be reached by 2021.

• There will be 3 different robot teams at the airport: Service robots, security robots and cleaning robots.

• Fast transit systems, fast Internet and dynamic standby time notifications, smart parking systems and a next generation loyalty management system for passengers to be bored and entertained at the airport.

• There will be no driver buses to transport passengers. Buses called IGABUS can even get passengers in the parking lot.

• A ‘ virtual tower ‘ application will be used for the first time in Turkey. This virtual tower will drill the movements of planes with augmented reality.

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