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Real estate sales expected to rise up to 7 billion dollars, Fatih Ergüven

Inhouse Global’s Founder, Fatih Ergüven,  said they saw a rise in real estate sales during COVID-19 period.

Ergüven, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Inhouse Global, said in a statement to the Anadolu Agency, that they encourage the investors to Turkey by making promotional activities and organizations abroad, noting that they have been selling real estate to foreigners since 2010.

After the outbreak of the Law of reciprocity in Turkey’s real estate sales to foreigners now voicing out Ergüven 2013, in the intervening period that exceeded the threshold of significant despite all the troubles, said that reaching serious figure.

Ergüven, despite the pandemic is going well this year, Turkey’s foreign sales, home sales in the January-September period exceeded the figures reported that only 18 percent loss of 26 thousand units.

Stating that the October figures have not been announced yet, Ergüven said, “However, the data we receive from the sector are very good. We think about 6 thousand pieces. At the end of the year, we will easily pass 35 thousand and find 40 thousand.” he spoke.

Ergüven, with an emphasis on real estate in Turkey, has very high potential, using more active real estate investment funds, performing more effective promotion and concentrating on that area he said to be reached very high figures.

“The buyer profile has increased, the pandemic has increased the interest in the Southern and Aegean provinces”

Fatih Ergüven continued his words by stating that the profile of foreign real estate buyers has increased this year:

“We’re seeing the profile of the foreign residential buyers in the market over the last year. This year Europeans on housing than ever from Istanbul. If we are to address the causes of that first set advantage. Another important issue is the health system. During the pandemic, the health system in Europe was tough, and we did not experience such a thing. This is very important. “

Swedes, Germans, Pakistanis, Iranis, Indians showed tremendous interest in the Turkish real estate market, said Ergüven.

Bodrum, Kuşadası, I did not expect so quickly increased interest in Didim. Turkey again of Europeans It is important to take it on the radar. ” said.

“no matter who the foreigners coming to Turkey, this is coming to our country for the love. Price level is reasonable and standard of living,” he spoke.

 2023 real estate sales expectation is 20 billion dollars

Ergüven said that although sales will decrease, there will be no loss in revenue.

And said that they expect the revenue of $6.7 billion last year to reach $ 7 billion.

“We expect the average real estate sales value to be around 170-180 thousand dollars. Especially with the increase in sales from regions such as Antalya and Bodrum and the arrival of high-potential buyers.” used the expression.

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