How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

Nowadays, Obtain Turkish citizenship isn’t a severe hindrance anymore. Thus, foreigners can acquire Turkish citizenship through several manners, bearing in mind the proper regulations and investment ways.

For the foreigners seek Turkish citizenship, a new regulation regarding the transition of foreigners to Turkish citizenship is presented, according to a country’s official gazette published on Sep. 19, subject to a Council of Minister’s authorization.

However, still come on mind the question of how to acquire Turkish citizenship, that’s what we’re striving to offer right now in this article, so keep in mind.


How to obtain Turkish citizenship?

On Sept. 19/2018, Turkey has presented a legislative amendment in the country’s citizenship law, reduced the limits for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship. Hence, several ways are declared to get Turkish citizenship, including;


  • Investment


Four types of investment choices are available for foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship, including;

    • Cash Deposit: The deposit requirement to acquire Turkish citizenship is worth a minimum of $500.000 in Turkish banks without withdrawing the funds for three years.


  • Shares Purchase: Invest in a Turkish company a minimum of $500.000 as a fixed capital investment allows foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship.   


    • Generate Jobs: Foreigners who generate jobs for 50 Turkish people will also be eligible for Turkish citizenship.


  • Government Bonds: Invest in government bonds worth at least $500.000 also allows foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship.


Once you do invest in Turkey, you’ll be able to do the following process;

  1. Open a bank account as an investor.
  2. Make an investment.
  3. Apply for a residence permit.
  4. Apply for Turkish citizenship.

The relevant government authority will monitor the investment made by the foreigner. Later on, the relevant government authority will confirm the investment, then; the foreigner will be allowed to grant Turkish citizenship.



  • Real Estate Purchase


Under regulations that went into effect, foreigners who own real estates or seek to own in Turkey worth a minimum of $250.000 without selling them within three years of purchase are eligible for Turkish citizenship.

In fact, this regulation is considered the most critical one, as foreign sales rate has jumped to 134 percent in the latest two years, according to data by the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Accordingly, you can easily acquire Turkish citizenship by following up next;

  1. Initially, you’ll be required to apply to the Tapu office, which is a general directorate of land registry and cadaster. Tapu office will calculate the amount of purchase, which is $250.000 or equalized in Turkish lira.
  2. Therefore, within seven days, you’ll get the approval for Turkish citizenship from Tapu office.
  3. You obligated to apply to the immigration office for the residence permit.
  4. At this point, by way of the residence permit and citizenship approval, you’ll be able to apply to general directorate of population and citizenship. Then; within 30 days, finalizing the citizenship required.

To be clear, citizenship approval is not only reliant upon the purchasing but also upon verification form archive of national security that the foreigner doesn’t pose a threat on.



  • Naturalization


Another way to obtain Turkish citizenship is naturalization, which is to get a continuous residence for at least 5 years, in addition to, to be a fluent speaker of the Turkish language.



  • Marriage


In intention of the legislation concerning the acquisition of nationality, if you are married to a Turkish citizen for a minimum 3 years, taking into account of avoiding non-conform behaviors, regarding family atmosphere, and respecting national security, then; you can straightforwardly apply for Turkish citizenship.

Why Invest in Turkey?

Indeed, Turkey has become the first destination to attract and encourage foreigners’ investment, due to many reasons and factors Turkey characterized with, Including but not limited to;


  • Economic Growth


While the tough times, Turkey is capable of tackling, the Turkish economy is stable over the years. Turkey’s economic growth has recorded tremendous performances with an average annual growth rate of 5.8 percent.

Moreover, the Turkish economy has an accelerate growth rate and strive to be the first-fasted growing economy among countries in the bright future, during 2019-2020.

Certainly, Turkey characterizes with not only a stable economy but also increasing profits and a globally competitive workforce.



  • Return on Investment “ROI”



In case you invest in such a method in Turkey, like; shares purchase, property purchase, or invest in a Turkish company, you’ll be able to get a guaranteed return on investment, according to the great effort Turkey dedicated, to provide proper investment climate, helped for attracting Turkish and foreign investments.


  • Centrally Located and Geographical Position


Based on its geographic position, Turkey is a vital place to live in, considering its unique location, which is in-between Asia-Europe continents, easy access to multiple surrounded countries, and end up with commercial life concentrated.



  • Low Taxes


In today’s market, Turkey is thoroughly seeking to reduce taxes as much as possible, including total or partial exemption from income tax. Considering the future prospects, taxes to soon be exempt from entire citizens.



  • Large Domestic Market


Among several countries, Turkey has ranked first in domestic trade volume, building on the vibrant private sector. While the country’s gross domestic product stood at $ 850 billion in 2017, expected to rise over the next years.


Turkish Citizenship Advantages

Turkish citizenship not only offered advantages for foreigners but also for Turkey and its income and economy.

The following list stands for the foreigners’ benefits of Turkish citizenship;


  • Access Several Countries


Foreigners who were obtaining Turkish citizenship can travel to 77 countries without having to wait for a visa.


  • Low Cost of Living


Turkey is considered an upper-middle-income country, offering a low cost of living, in terms of local purchasing, council tax, consumer goods, and services cost such as; electric, satellite TV, and water.


  • Advantages for Family Members


Your family members, such as your wife and children under the age of 18 can get Turkish citizenship, in case you got.


  • Education and Health Care


Turkey provides free education and health care to its citizens. As a person holds Turkish citizenship, you can enjoy the entire advantages offered.


  • In Top 30 Passport


Turkish passport is deemed one of the top 30 passports around the world.


Reciprocally, easing the requirements for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship will help spur investments, that’s what Turkey is seeking for, to increase investment volume rate. The International Monetary Fund defines the growing phenomenon of buying citizenship as economic citizenship.

Meanwhile, granting citizenship to foreigners in return for a determined amount of investment is a global phenomenon applied in many developed and developing countries, such as the U.K., the U.S., Canada, and so on.


How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

To apply for Turkish citizenship, you have to meet all the eligibility requirements as follow;

  1. To have a valid passport.
  2. Four Passport-size photos.
  3. Application form.
  4. You ought to pay the tax of application and bring the receipt.
  5. Your birth certificate is included.
  6. You ensure to have valid touristic visa or residence permit.
  7. Alongside the investment document, presenting a minimum of $250.000.

Ultimately, it’s become clear how to acquire Turkish citizenship, in addition to, you will be assisted gradually until obtained your Turkish citizenship.

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