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How to Apply for Turkish Nationality

How and when to apply for Turkish Nationality?

In order to apply for the nationality of Turkey, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The applicant must be of the age of majority under the national judicial system of your country, usually 18 years.
  2. Stability in Turkey over the past five years (provided that the interruption period does not exceed 6 months), but in the event that you are a foreigner and have been born on Turkish territory, you must settle in Turkey for a period of three years.
  3. You must have an intention to settle in Turkey (owning your property/property can help prove this).
  4. Evidence of sufficient financial resources to support yourself in Turkey. For example, if you have a job in Turkey, you will meet this requirement. If this does not happen, evidence of existing funds or pension payments is sufficient.
  5. The applicant must prove that his physical and mental health is sound.
  6. That there should be no criminal record.
  7. The application must be submitted to your nearest Turkish consulate.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for purchasing a property “in detail”


The text of the law “Obtaining Turkish citizenship for buying a property”:

The decision issued on 09/19/2018 to grant citizenship in exchange for a property of only $ 250,000 instead of $ 1 million was the major turning point in the history of Turkish real estate legislation.

The decision amending the executive regulations related to obtaining the nationality of Turkey law was accompanied by great facilities in the procedures that made real estate investment the most attractive way to own a Turkish passport in a direct way and as quickly as possible.


Terms of the Turkish citizenship decision in exchange for buying a property:

  • It is mandatory to conduct all financial transactions to purchase the property through banks, as all transactions outside the banks are rejected.
  • You cannot buy a property from a non-Turkish person, meaning that the property purchased by a foreigner is not accepted.
  • Calculating the amount that was actually paid in the event of buying the property in installments and does not look at the debt price that will be subject to the installment.
  • That the value of the purchased property be slightly higher than the value of (250) thousand dollars, so that no problems occur during the application.
  • You cannot sell the property within the three years following the purchase.


Mechanism of applying to Obtain Turkish Nationality by buying property in Turkey:

  • The value of the purchased property, whatever its type, should be 250 thousand dollars.
  • The need to transfer the value of the property through a Turkish bank.
  • Obtaining the full title deed of the property or Land Registry after conducting the real estate appraisal process by certified experts.
  • Signing the pledge document not to sell the property within the next 3 years.
  • Fixing a specific address to the property owner and not necessarily the address in which you own it, if the property was for rent, for example, or the nature of the property is commercial.


The documents required while applying for Turkish Nationality:

  • A copy of the title deed of the purchased property “Tapu”
  • Real estate evaluation report, provided that it is issued by expert offices accredited by the Turkish government.
  • The original payment of the property amount from the buyer’s account to the account of the construction company or “seller” sealed with a live stamp from the bank from which he sent.
  • The original receipt from the construction company account, “Seller”, stamped with a live stamp from the receiving bank.
  • The passport of the property owner translated into Turkish and authenticated by a Turkish notary
  • A translated passport, authenticated by the Noter for the owner’s wife and children under 18 years of age if they join the Turkish citizenship file.
  • Submit two copies of the original agency with the application for Turkish citizenship to the law firm that submits the citizenship file and who becomes responsible for following up the application instead of the investor with the official departments.
  • A residence permit granted for citizenship, “that is, a valid real estate residence” valid in Turkey.
  • Title confirmation document
  • Photographs

Extra Documents for Obtaining Turkish Citizenships:

  • The documents required in the event of applying for Turkish nationality for the family
  • Application form for obtaining extraordinary Turkish citizenship for investors who have purchased a property in Turkey.
  • A legal precedent document, there is no prior judgment against both the investor and his wife extracted from Turkey.
  • A copy of the marriage contract
  • Birth certificates of all family members, i.e. applicants for citizenship
  • Family registry
  • 2 personal photos for each family member.
  • Documents to obtain conditional real estate residency in the nationality file.
  • Residence application form filled out.
  • Certificate of conformity of real estate with the specifications of granting citizenship, extracted from the Land Registry Department.
  • Original passport and a copy.
  • 4 recent photographs, biometrics.
  • Valid health insurance.

Those wishing to apply for Turkish nationality must certify all documents issued from outside Turkey by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country from which the document issued and from the Turkish embassy or consulate in that country. Approved by a Turkish notary after translation.


How to apply for Turkish Nationality:

Apply for Turkish citizenship through the electronic system of the Department of Immigration via the following electronic link

The duration of obtaining Turkish nationality takes between 30 and 60 days, depending on the number of family members of the applicant’s family, documents, and how busy it is.

Inhouse Global, thanks to the professionalism of its staff, completed the transactions for obtaining Turkish nationality for its clients within a maximum of 45 days.

Obtaining the Turkish passport:

The investor obtaining Turkish citizenship is automatically followed by obtaining the Turkish passport by following these steps:

  • Requesting an appointment from the Ministry of Interior’s registry Management website to choose the nearest city to show the date, date, and time.
  • Turkish ID card received after obtaining Turkish nationality, or it issues the provisional certificate delivered to the person until the identity card.
  • Two pictures with a white background extracted in the last 6 months at a size of “6 * 5”.
  • A passport payment receipt that can be paid online on the Tax Authority website
  • The prices of the Turkish passport according to the validity period

VALIDITY                 PAYMENT

6 months                   303.50 TL

1 year                   381.90 TL

2 years                   539     TL

3 years                   709.40 TL

4 to 10 years           945.10 TL

Note: Turkish passport is renewable for life.


Inhouse Global Services to Obtain Turkish Nationalıty:

  • Free real estate consultancy on how to obtain Turkish nationality.
  • Preview the appropriate property to obtain Turkish nationality
  • Ensure the safety of all steps to purchase a property directed to obtain Turkish nationality
  • Apply for Turkish nationality.
  • Harnessing the company’s lawyer to follow the nationality file with the Turkish government departments
  • Receive the Turkish passport individually or all passports in the event of submitting a family application and handing it over to the investor.
  • Providing post-citizenship services by helping to manage the property in case of thinking about investing in it through leasing or selling after passaging the time specified in Turkish law.


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