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Marmaris Turkey, A Touristic Attraction

Where is Marmaris, and in which city?

Marmaris Turkey,  is one of the most wonderful places on our blue planet, it’s a port town, and tourist resort on the Mediterranean coast, in Muğla Province, southwest Turkey, along with the shoreline of the Turkish Riviera, here are the best things to do in Marmaris.


  • Marmaris Marina

It’s a spotless and well-kept area of Marmaris with fantastic bars and places to eat. There is something for everyone in this area of the resort, Lots of shops to haggle in and a lot of friendly faces.

A trip to Marmaris isn’t complete without visiting the marina on a night, what a beautiful place on a night when it’s all lit up, and you are having a few drinks and a nice stroll looking at the yachts.

It’s also a beautiful place on a night when it’s all lit up, and you are having a few drinks and a pleasant stroll looking at the yachts.

  • Dylan River

If you are looking for relaxing and peaceful holidays. Then you have to go to the Dalyan region, it’s a nice place.

You will go on a boat trip from Marmaris to Dalyan. It takes about 2 hours in which you can see fantastic views of mountains and scenery. We would recommend it if you are looking to capture some memorable photos.


  • Marmaris Castle and Museum

Marmaris Museum is one of the most famous museums there. It’s an excellent place to visit if you’re near the beach or marina. A little history of Marmaris, the Museum is located on the site of the beautiful Marmaris Castle, at the old town of Marmaris, on the hills behind Marina.

You get to see lovely views from the top of the castle walls surrounded by the old ancient beautiful streets. The castle is full of old objects that were used back in the day such as cannon balls, rocks, machinery, jewelry, and coins all that were used during the Ottoman period. The castle explains the trade routes that connected Marmaris to surrounding countries as far as Europe and Africa.


  • Musical Dancing Fountains

A favorite among kids and their parents alike, this is quite a major tourist magnet in the heart of Marmaris town center.

What might just strike you like a crowded plaza with a fountain during the day transforms into a hub for music, laughter, and revelry by night. At about half-past eight every night, lights and music bring life to the fountain and become the backdrop for some town’s best shows and performances.

Several restaurants are strategically along the streets that converge on the fountain, and tourists are often seen enjoying dinner and drinks while the dancing water adds magic to the night air in town.


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