Places to Visit from The Anatolian Side


The most enjoyable point of living on the Anatolian side is the “European side” view. This is the girl’s tower, where you can see the most beautiful day apart. Sitting on the beach opposite the Maiden’s tower, you can admire the view.

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There is only one place for people who have a place in Baghdad Street. That’s Baghdad street. You must visit the Baghdad Street with its own unique climate in the evening hours. It is located at the beginning of the first attractions on the Anatolian side.


A pleasant place with seating areas and views. If you want a relaxing environment at the Anatolian side in the evening, Kadikoy Fenerbahce District is a nice alternative for you. You can walk on the jogging path, bike trail easily use your bike, we wish you a lot of pleasure in the view.


A unique view of Anadolu Kavağı is waiting for you to reach through a military area. Even if you are at a remote locations, it is definitely one of the places to visit. It’s a cute fishing town. A lot of little dessert restaurants are waiting for you on the fish. You can watch the sunset and enjoy the mussels in the old Istanbul Trail.


The Beylerbeyi Palace, which was held in 1861 – 1865 and hosted many famous kings and queens, is one of the places you must see in Istanbul. You can visit the Beylerbeyi Palace immediately before the Bosphorus Bridge.


Yildirim Beyazit, the Anatolian fortress that he has done to conquer Istanbul today is called Guzelhisar. The surrounding houses, the pleasure of the place where Göksu Creek is water, offers you the pleasure you will not see elsewhere in Istanbul. Goksu will meet you in a beautiful café where the stream meets the sea.

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