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Property Consultancy… Key Role in Purchasing Process!

Seeking the services of a professional real estate when buying property can help save money and your time. No one knows the local market like a local real estate agent.

Metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, and Trabzon come to the forefront in property sales in Turkey, where the construction sector is awash with fresh developments. Foreigners who come to Turkey to buy property can be faced with many challenges. Knowledge of the local market, planning permissions, title deeds, and knowing where to find a trustworthy and reputable agent in a lesser-known country. Therefore, it becomes very important to use a professional real estate consultancy service.

Save Money and Time

Time is the most important scarce of resources.

With the professional service you will get from real estate agents, you can avoid the long and stressful journey of buying property in a foreign country.

You will benefit from the importance of professional help after discovering variations in prices, lengthy procedures, and a wide range of options. As a result of the bargaining of the real estate agents who strive to offer you the best price, you can save unexpected money from the purchase.

-Finding the Most Suitable Property Without Confusion

You will have to conduct a wide range of market research on your own. It will take longer than you expect to find the most suitable home for yourself from countless properties. But when you apply for professional real estate consultancy, you only need to know the budget, property criteria, and when you want to buy. Real estate agents who have in-depth knowledge of the real estate market will help you to find the right property for you.

Knows Your Neighbours

A real estate professional is knowledgeable about the market in the area that you’re interested in. He also has access to information about the recent sales in your neighborhood, as well as data on schools, crime, or demographics.

Protects Your Investment From spammers

A real estate professional has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is a database of current property for sale. The broker can easily find information about homes that fit your criteria. Agents act like a filter to your property visits. They take you to see only the property they feel you would appreciate and love.

Exclusive “Before and After Sales” Services

Before sales offers you various services such as finding the most suitable project, arrange viewing tours, make detailed explanations to eliminate all question marks in your mind, applying for a mortgage, title deed transfer, lawyer supports, taxes and notary. And after purchase; electricity, water, telephone, natural gas subscriptions, opening a bank account, getting tax numbers, making insurance, even helping you make furniture selection for your home decoration.

Legal Experience

Each country has its laws, and you are expected to follow them if you wish to make a transaction in these countries. Professional real estate consultancy provides you with the best service in many areas and ensures the security of before and after-sales.

Like transfer of title deeds, housing insurance, electricity, water, natural gas subscriptions, getting tax number, legal research on the property, sales contract, payment methods, and advocacy services.

Real estate consultants experienced in preparing necessary documents will perform the transfer of ownership ignoring nothing. The consultants responsible for the full fulfillment of the conditions guarantee the happiness of all parties.

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