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About IN-117

About In-117

About Location:

Project  IN-117 is located at (Beylikdüzü) neighborhood, which is cosidered as the center of Cultural and constructional Revolution in the city of Istanbul, and it is a new place that has a lot of projects that are still under construction, and that’s why it has become an important commercial and investment center today,

The district of (Beylikdüzü) is characterized by modern construction standards and similar to the modern European style, which makes the accommodation in it very comfortable,it also has  different services and facilities from hospitals, shopping centers and markets, making it an integrated city within Istanbul city.

The dream project IN-117 was built in (Beylikduzu) on an area of (1.500.000 m2 )

With the full potential of social services, including hospitals and trade centers, in addition to public and private schools, making it an attraction point in Istanbul.

About the Project:

The project contains (5000) apartments and (330) villas, which gives the project the concept  of an integrated city where you can find, and everything you need, is within your reach.

In this huge project, There is a wide range of apartments that suits all individuals, starting with one bedroom, with an area of (70 m2), to five (500 m2) bedrooms. You can purchase in this project either for investment or establishment.

Also, villas in the project IN-117 have an attractive architectural design that combines modernity and elegance, giveing the resident a sense of luxury, with its breathtaking views over the swimming pools, parks and playgrounds.

The apartments in IN-117 are not less luxurious than villas, as they also have high quality design and services,

The interior design of the apartments and villas of the project IN-117 is also taking into account the standards of luxury and quality and offers the inhabitants of a luxurious, distinctive and comfortable lifestyle with all its  needs from the smallest details to the largest, where you can find modern kitchens, elegant bathrooms and luxurious Marble floors that enhance the interior design of the apartments and villas.



All the apartments in this dream project have a distinctive view of the Marmara Sea coast, and the beautiful sea view is one of the most interesting features you would like to see if you live in Istanbul.

About facilities:

The IN-117 includes many quality services and facilities that make living or investing in this project, is a successful move, where it has advanced protection, security and emergency systems to provide a safe environment for its residents.

In addition to the basic, nevertheless, most important services, such as; Internet, television and satellite services that enable you to watch channels on different satellites.

The apartments are provided with a central heating system with a dedicated air conditioning, and all the necessary electrical tools are also available in addition to public services such as dry cleaning service and such.

The project IN-117 is designed to provide you with a new life by providing the best social services to help you get a modern life away from the daily routine.

The project includes sports centers and walking trails, a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pools for adults and children. In addition, to an open and closed parking spaces.

In-117 has a series of luxury shops, meeting rooms and wonderful social services, from a Sauna, Turkish baths, and children’s games that are equipped for them to enjoy their time while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful landscape of the gardens, restaurants and cafes for your gatherings with your friends on a cup of coffe , basketball and tennis courts,

Not to mention that there is a hospital and a mosque for your service at any time.

In other words, the project IN-117 guarantees you a life that combines modern technology with the elegant design.

Your dream house is no longer a dream

Your home awaits you, it’s the right time to invest in Turkey.

Additional details:

Sisli: 32 kilometers
Mall Of Istanbul: 25 kilometers
TEM Highway: 10 kilometers
Sea Bus Station: 7 kilometers
Taksim Square: 30 kilometers


  • Balcony
  • Electric Generator
  • Fitness Center
  • Garden
  • Internet
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor Parking
  • Seascape
  • Security
  • Walking Path
  • Water Tank

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