Lisbon / Portugal

About Project:

The apartment building is located in the center of Lisbon, in the Alvalade area, near the metro station and the University of Lisbon, suitable for both living and renting.

Equipped with infrastructure for living. There is a swimming pool and many supermarkets nearby.

The famous Lisbon shopping center and a stadium where football competitions are held every week, making the area more liveable.

The building is located right near Laranjeiras metro station of the blue line.

Private and public schools are within walking distance.

On the roof of the building is a huge pool, the only pool of its kind in the entire university district. The pool is open all year, residents can play sports without leaving home.

All rooms have wooden floors, some of the walls are equipped with wood paneling, and environmentally friendly natural wood is used as the main material.

The bedroom has a built-in wardrobe, which gives the room a neat look, and also allows you to save space in the room.

The kitchen is equipped with appliances from leading European brands, quality is guaranteed. Some apartments use open-type kitchens with maximum use of space.

In the toilet, the walls and floor are covered with marble, anti-slip and anti-corrosion coating, the bathrooms are equipped with appliances from leading European brands.

About location:

The apartments are located at a distance of 5.5 km from the city center, by car it takes about 7 minutes to get to the center, 5 stations from the Laranjeiras metro station, which is located next to the house, takes just 20 minutes to the center.

The apartments are located at a distance of 7 km from Lisbon Airport, by car the road will take approximately 10 minutes. Despite the fact that the apartments are located near the airport, the inhabitants of the house will not be disturbed by noise.

Property details:

Additional details:

Lease agreement: 3 years / 1600 euros per month


  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Children’s Entertainment Area
  • Electric Generator
  • Garden
  • Internet
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor Pool

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Lisbon / Portugal