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Rental Guarantee Income in Turkey

Rental Guarantee Income in Turkey

Rental Guarantee Income in Turkey, and How It Works!

One of our most popular formulas for investors who wish to invest in real estate in Turkey is the “guaranteed rental income” system. This formula is really a carefree form of investing in real estate in Turkey; with the guarantee of high returns.

We Guarantee a Contractual Net Rental Income of 5% Per Year

For example, you want to invest a portion of your savings in real estate in Turkey, and buy a villa, house or apartment in Turkey; whether off-plan, and with or without installments. You can use the property yourself to settle in Turkey or to spend your holidays. There is also the possibility to just leave the property vacant and sell it a few years later at a much higher price. In some regions, we even advise this to our clients–and also in off-plan investment–we apply this formula.

Your investment in real estate in Turkey will yield a much higher return if you can rent out your property in the meantime. Then investing in real estate in Turkey becomes even more interesting. For those who wish to rent out their property without worries; we have developed a special formula at Inhouse Global, where you have a guaranteed net rental income of 5% per year.

How Does Rental Guarantee Work in Turkey?

After purchasing your property, we offer you a contract for a term of 5 years, which specifies that you will receive each year 5% net of the purchase amount of your apartment in Turkey. So, Inhouse Global rents out your apartment in Turkey for you! If desired, we can extend this contract by another 5 years. This means actually a net yield of 5% per year (obviously excluding the increasing value of your property).

And when we say “Net”; we mean: there’s no catch! No hidden costs, no electricity bills, or whatever … All you need to do is collect your 5%, we take care of the rest. Maintenance, cleaning, rentals, bookings, we take care of everything. Our agency does the renting. In addition, you can use your own apartment in Turkey two weeks a year for free, and if you wish to stay longer, you can also book additional days in one of our residences at half price.

On top of the value increase of your apartment in Turkey, you will receive an additional 5% net rental income.

To briefly summarise: this is a brilliant way to invest safely in real estate in Turkey with high efficiency. If you would like to be informed about recent projects and/or extraordinary opportunities to make an excellent investment in Turkey, contact us now.

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