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The Importance of Basaksehir, District of Istanbul

The Importance of Basaksehir, District of Istanbul

If you are one of those who visited Istanbul once upon a time and you think you know Istanbul, better to think twice! Because Istanbul had tremendous changes the last several years. It is now bigger, wider and its population has an incredible increase in the last decade especially with the great number of foreign students and businessmen coming every year. And since Istanbul is having a noticeable expansion, a new region was born recently. It is the newest trend region, and it is called Basaksehir.

Basaksehir is a newly built area at the European side of Istanbul, it has modern infrastructure, facilities and social services work for human and environment at the same time.

Through this article we will be discussing the most important features of Basaksehir region.

Location of Basaksehir:

Basaksehir has a very special and strategic location. It is located in the northern European continent of Istanbul (almost in the middle). Covering a massive area of 104 km2 and the population expected to reach 800.000 in 2019. Boarding Arnavutköy from the north, Eyup from the northeast, Sultan Gazi, and Esenler from the east, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Avcilar from the south and Esenyurt from the south-west gave this region the priority in any good-quality project. Other than being the closest to Istanbul Airport, the new airport which is the world’s biggest airport, the region also close to Ataturk airport in a distance takes less than 30 minutes.

One of the remarkable features of this region is almost the absence of traffic jams. People living in the city center of Istanbul suffering from a traffic jam and the huge time wasted on roads and the delays that can sometimes reach one entire hour! Başakşehir has wide modern roads, well-regulated by environmental traffic lights. The roads are able to accommodate the huge number of cars during rush hours and in holidays.

Services in Basaksehir:

Being newly built allowed this region to have modern, strong and firm infrastructure with the latest green technologies and best designs which serve human and environment at the same time. Streets are wide and clean, most street lights are working with solar power. Car parks and bicycle road lines are easy to find.

Talking about education, the region has a countable number of high-quality Arab, international and governmental schools besides one university is now under construction. But since there is a strong transportation wire including metro, railway, and buses all over the region connecting Basaksehir with other regions, it is not a big deal to be studying or working in any other region while living in Basaksehir.

The region has the second-largest Square in Istanbul after Taksim square. It is used for many events throughout the year. Theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and Ramadan celebrations are the highlights. Besides Istanbul’s largest artificial lake in an area of 26,000 m2. The lake surrounded by 300,000 m2 of green lands, adjacent to restaurants, playgrounds, Private clubs, and cafes.

Real Estate Market and Properties in Basaksehir:

Buildings in this region are modern, luxury and include green-technology and since it is a new region, property market is considered having suitable prices nowadays. But prices are gradually increasing, experts expecting a huge increase in prices within the next few years.

The district is  right at the new business center of Istanbul. It means that having an office, home or any property in this region considered being a profitable business with a high return on investment (ROI).

Health Centers in the district:

In addition to the 23 health centers and polyclinics in this region, you can find the governmental hospital with the newest technologies and a strong research center beside several private hospitals like: Arnavutköy Private Deva Medical Center, Başakşehir Medical Center, Aktif Medical Center and Akgün TEM Hospital.

Moreover, a Medical Mega Complex (Health City) is the largest in Europe..


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