The Oldest Mosque in Istanbul

Arab Mosque

The first and the oldest mosque in Istanbul is the place where the sound of Azan is heard and the Arab mosque.

Arab mosque, with its different architecture Karaköy Galata, Tersane Street, Galata Court Street, this largest mosque on the Galata side of the Golden Horn, according to many sources, the first mosque of Istanbul was the title of a structure. In particular, the structure of the minaret is similar to the Arab mosques and again according to the rumors that the Arabs who surround Istanbul because of this name has been taken.

By Prophet Muhammad; “Istanbul will be conquered. The commander who conquers him, the great commander, the army conquering him, what a great military, “he said, a lot of companions and Muslims have surrounded Istanbul to be able to have that honor. The Arab mosque is also believed to have been built in one of these sieged.

The most powerful rumors about the Arab mosque are as follows: There are qualities that corrode the mosque from the church or from the church to the mosque, which actually confirms both. In particular, the architectural structure carries the appropriate traces to both places of worship. However, the strongest evidence was built by Abdulmalik, the commander of the Arabs, who besed the city in 717 and continued to siege for 7 years. After the end of the siege, the Arab mosque was present as Mesa Domeniko Church in the Byzantine period, and the Conqueror was turned into a mosque after the conquest of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1453 in Istanbul.

The Arab mosque, which underwent a few renovations with the fires he spent over time, 3. After the Galata fire in the period of Mehmed and 1731, the Validey of Mahmud the Sultan was also awarded by Saliha. After the fire in 1807, the mosque was reworked and the history of the building was processed by a stone and hung on the wall to the right of the mihrab. After these repairs, the Arab mosque has passed two large-scale repairs in 1868 and 1913 years; The name of the present was added to the structure in 1868.

Where is the Arabian mosque?

The mosque in the Galata district of Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey.  Mahkeme Sk. N0:16 Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

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