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The Smart Investment in Bodrum!

Real estates in Bodrum, is an attention center for foreign real estate investors across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. Among other famous areas, Bodrum engages many nationalities looking for either vacation homes or an abode for permanent relocation to the country.

Bodrum in Nutshell

It is an enjoyable coastal resort and a popular tourist destination on the southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in the Mugla Province. People know Bodrum for its extraordinary nightlife, beautiful beaches, historical sites, quality hotels, and holiday villages. Homeros, a Greek author referred to Bodrum as The Land of the Eternal Blue. The spectacular medieval castle built by the Knights of the Rhodes, guards the entrance to Bodrum’s dazzling blue bay where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet.

Bodrum Location:

Bodrum is in the south of Izmir, on the Aegean coast of Turkey with a fascinating port of 270 km. It is on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, it faces the Greek island of Kos and at a point that checks the entry into the Gulf of Gokova.

The center of an administrative district, Bodrum, has a permanent population of some 30,000 and stands on the site of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, once the capital of the kingdom of Caria. In the southwest corner of the Aegean region of Turkey, Bodrum is a major tourist attraction for its beautiful coastline.

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Real Estate Investment in Bodrum:

Bodrum is continuously developing with the start of new luxury residential and commercial projects. These projects are suitable not only for summer vacations but also for permanent settlement. Bodrum properties have a different identity in their typical architecture with white colors and flowers. Nearly all districts are suitable for property investment in Bodrum. For example Gumbet is near Bodrum and there are frequent transportation routes for daily transportation. Many foreigners visit for its warm shallow waters and vibrant nightlife

Statistics about Bodrum, by Endeksa:

Muğla, Bodrum county for sale residential average square meter unit price is October 2020 was approx. 8.333 TL. Properties having the same features for sale residential average ROI period is 28 years level.

Muğla Bodrum Residential Increasing Neighborhoods

Considering annual averages, October 2020 residential prices are increased for Real estates in Bodrum. Especially in Muğla regions of Bitez, Yalıkavak, Dirmil, İslamhaneleri and Farilya.


Our projects in Bodrum

You can contact us for more information about Bodrum, Muğla and all other cities in the region.





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