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Top Commercial Project of 2020

Top Commercial Project of 2020

Even though the Covid-19 pandemic effect the world economy, Turkish Real Estate Market maintained its position and proved to be one of the best investment opportunities for the investors. So, let’s have a look to the top selling commercial project of 2020 and see what features they are offering which attracts the customers. If you are also looking for some real estate property for relocation or investment purpose this blog might also help you in narrowing down your search.

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1-Validebağ Konakları:

Validebağ Konakları

The project is on of the top selling commercial project of 2020 because its the address of tranquility with its low-rise housing, green texture, unique atmosphere and inhabitants that cherish the old neighborhood culture. Offering a scenic view covered with all sorts of hues of green, and enjoy the serenity and tranquility from the exquisite view of the Bosphorus Sea. The project is the choice of those who want to live the nature, tranquility, serenity, the memories, dignity, but most of all, Istanbul to the full.

Located at the central point in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, just across the Validebag Grove, the last natural flora of Istanbul remaining within the city premises. The Grove is 354000 square meters in size and the most important recreational area of the region.

The project is equipped with all the modern amenities and social facilities. You can find the exclusive products that reflect your style from clothing to accessories, from jewelry to decoration, on the shopping street and boutique market of the project.


2- Istanbul Life Project:

Onur Park

The project is located in Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul, is offering a new lifestyle to the residents of Istanbul, while adding an extraordinary design approach to the residential projects with its modern and aesthetic approach.

The project aims to focus on high standards of living and a luxurious lifestyle with both its architecture and facilities. And claims to have enhanced the spaciousness of the apartments throughout the project with their architectural style.

The project includes residential area with leisure area on wide and spacious settlement with a concept of centered around people, construction with open sceneries and social life with rich and colorful options.


3- Istanbul Roots Project

Route Istanbul

Istanbul Routes Project has a wonderful location in terms of accessibility, is located in the most central districts of İstanbul, Ataköy! The project is just next to the famous E5 highway, 5 minutes way from coastal road and 10 minutes away from TEM Highway and Mahmutbey toll booths.

From the structural systems to the interior of the resident apartments everything is designed with deep care. 302 living areas opening to future. 302 apartments with the view of Istanbul in front and privileges inside! 182 apartments as 1+1 and 120 apartments as 2+1; the project is a new address of those who like to feel important and special with the privilege at the ideal location in the European side of Istanbul.


4- Resort Life Project

Selenium AşçıoğluLocated in Ataköy, in one of the elite districts of the European side, adjacent to the E 5 highway. The project meets the needs of those who are looking for a luxury residence in the center of the city. The project has a construction of 72,000 sqm with 3 blocks of 15 floors offering residential apartments with options of 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and garden duplexes of 4+1 and 5+1.

Technological equipments and modern architectural details stand out in the apartments, where every detail has been carefully considered, while the apartments facing the south side have a beautiful sea view. The project offers various opportunities for the residents to socialize and have fun with its social facilities.


5- Special Suites Kagithane:

Seba Suites

A unique project which became people’s choice for 2020 is located in Emirgan hills right next to the Bosphorus sea (5 minutes) with a quality life full of luxuries in the heart of Istanbul. This project adds a new and exclusive interpretation to the apartment culture because of its style and its sea view. The project consists of a single block with 8 floors and 53 residences.

Luxury hotel quality residence services for the residents are available 24/7 at the Apartments. A very special French cafe downstairs combines a unique atmosphere and unique flavors to the lifestyle. Istinye Park Mall is right next to the project with world brands and world cuisines.

The project is equipped with all the modern amenities and social facilities including an indoor parking area, indoor pool, gym, halls overlooking the inner courtyard designed with the street concept and a cafe in the greenery in this inner courtyard.


We appreciate your time for reading about the top commercial project of 2020, you can also check for the “Top Villa Projects of 2020”. Don’t forget to follow our social media to get the latest updates about Turkish Real Estate Market.


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