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Top Three Rising Areas in Istanbul

Top Three Rising Areas in Istanbul


For choosing the right property in Istanbul, it is full of various investment options; it is very large, and it is divided into one part of the European party and another part of the Asian party. There are criteria that you should consider when placing your money in any investment area because your primary aim is to ensure that this region can achieve the desired investment goals, and to achieve the material profits and long-term success of this property, if this is your investment goal.


Beylikdüzü-Istanbul: An Amazing New Life District:

Beylikdüzü is a modern residential area with a growing popularity after 2000’es. It is one of the most durable regions of Istanbul, and has become one of Istanbul’s star-studded real estate spots with its modern life projects, yet easy transportation facilities. The region is like the European cities in the percentage of green areas. Each street and avenue has trees planted with equal spaces, making the area an open nature museum.

Beylikdüzü has a clean, windy and more airy atmosphere than the central districts of Istanbul. Since there are green areas in almost every part of Beylikdüzü, seasonal passages turn into a visual feast.

Beylikdüzü, where many housing projects take place, will be hosting many new projects under construction and planned. With the proliferation of the projects, Beylikdüzü, where new living areas were formed, added value to its value.

Kartal area:


Kartal is a quiet area where families with children prefer to live in.

 Being a secure district, Kartal responds to almost all the needs of inhabitants. 

It is Being visited highly on the weekends’ one can find a lot to do like having a walk, riding a bike, having a meal at restaurants or drinking beer or coffee at cafes along the sea.

 Dragos shore is famous for having one of the most beautiful views of the Prince Islands.


Kağıthane area:


Kağıthanel is one of the most beautiful and modern areas of Istanbul, and perhaps the most peaceful area in this vibrant city. Due to its great location, particularly its links to new urban transport networks, and the entry into force of the urban renewal legislation, the Kağıthane region is constantly transforming .

To the north, the district will serve as a hub after the completion of the construction of the third airport (new airport), third bridge and three-storey underwater tunnel (that will join the European side at the Hasdal junction in the district). Real estate development includes a wide range of mixed-use, shopping mall, hotel, campus, office and residential projects.


Basin Express area:


Due to its location in Istanbul, Basin Express is at the intersection of three main roads, the E5, El Tem and the coast road. The Basin Express region has made it a unique and easy-to-reach area and the property market has become one of the most important destinations for investors of all nationalities.

The area is home to many shopping centers and shopping complexes. This makes the Basin Express area a business center.

The area has more than 30 hotels of which are ready and from which they will be completed as soon as possible.


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