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Top Well-known Street Foods in Istanbul 

Top Well-known Street Foods in Istanbul 

Istanbul is one of the world’s largest cities — the official population is more than 14 million people, and many estimates it is an impressive deal larger — and its abundance of frugal diners drives an affordable street food and drinks seen. Plenty of specialties, like boza (a fermented millet drink), originated centuries ago and are synonymous with local culture, while others have arrived more recently as millions of Turks converge on Istanbul from Anatolia (Turkey east of the Bosphorus). In this article we are going to explain these street foods for you.


Çiğ köfte is wonderful finger food. Best way to eat this is to put in a lettuce leaf and squeeze some lemon. There is also a wrap version if you like. It is the cheapest option if you are very hungry. If you like a spicy meal, Çiğ Köfte is perfect for you.


If you want to eat fish but don’t want to spend so much money in a fancy fish restaurant, Balık Ekmek is a cheap and authentic option. There are many places you can enjoy your meal in a small boat and it is a pleasant experience.


Kumpir is made with baked potato. After baking, they put some ingredients into the potato, like sausages, chicken, peas, corn, olives, sauces etc. according to your selection.


Chicken or Meat? It depends on your choice!

Döner is so famous not only in Istanbul, but also in the other countries of Europe. Many Turkish people open döner shops in foreign countries and it is very famous all over the world. It is served in a wrap form in the streets.


It is a traditional Turkish cuisine and filling option if you are very hungry. There are many hawkers in İstanbul streets that sell rice combining with chickpea or chicken.  I will suggest having your rice with chicken.


While walking on the İstanbul streets in chilly winter days, the smell of chestnuts roasted over charcoal will call you for sure. Just follow the smell and enjoy your hot chestnuts.


These two are a similar base with doughnuts but have a special syrup around them. Both of them are very delicious and must be tried. There is also a tradition about Lokma. Turkish people hand out Lokma after important occasions like birth and death.


It is a crusted bread covered with sesame. Maybe you had tried similar things, especially in Europe, for example, German’s bagel, but none of them is delicious as Turkish Simit. You can either eat it alone or with cheese and tomato. It would be an excellent match if you have a cup of that besides your simit.


Corn is probably the favourite street food of children.There are two types. You can choose a grilled one or boiled. Put some salt on it and enjoy!


It is a famous late-night snack. There are two options for Midye Dolma. You can either say how much you want, take your package and leave but the traditional way is not like that. People usually just stand in front of the seller, eat as much as they want and let the vendor know when it is enough. After that, he will count the empty ones and tells the bill.


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