Housing sales statistics, December 2017, 1 409 314 in 2017 throughout Turkey, the result of the sale of residential sales changed hand.

Housing sales increased 5.1% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

Housing sales in 2017, Istanbul 238 383 housing sales and 16.9% share in the first place.

According to the number of sales in Istanbul, 150_561 housing sales and 10.7% share with Ankara, 84 184 housing sales and 6% share followed by Izmir.

At least the sale was held in Hakkari with 124 housing.

473 099 of the houses sold throughout Turkey were mortgaged, 936 215 of which were the other sales type.

22 234 residences were sold to foreigners in 2017 across Turkey

Housing sales to foreigners increased by 22.2% in 2017 compared to the previous year.

In 2017, the first place in the housing sales for foreigners was in Istanbul with 8 182 residences, and Antalya took the second place with 4707 housing. Antalya 1474 with the sale of residential buildings in Bursa and 1079 with the sale of houses followed Yalova.

2017 to foreigners in December 2 164 housing sales took place.

In the housing sales for foreigners, Istanbul took the first place in December 2017 with 802 housing sales.

Istanbul province, respectively, with the sale of 378 housing in Antalya, 188 with the sale of housing Bursa, 141 with the sale of housing followed by Yalova.

According to the country’s nationality, the most residential sale was made to the citizens of Irak Irak Nationals purchased 3805 residences from Turkey in 2017.

With 3345 housing in Saudi Arabia, with 1691 residences in Kuwait, the Russian Federation with 1331 housing and 1078 housing followed in Afghanistan with the Irak.

In December, the citizens of Irak bought 418 houses from Turkey. Iraq followed the Russian Federation with 271 housing in Saudi Arabia, with 151 housing in Kuwait and 129 housing respectively.

In 2017 men 837 928, women in Turkey became the owner of 409 453 housing in 2017, with 59.4% share of men 837928, 29.1% of women were owned by 409 453% with share, 2.1% share with 29178 housing by women and men jointly Retrieved.

Istanbul 64147% of housing sales and 15.7% share of the most housing by women in Turkey was the province purchased. 137 067 Housing in Istanbul was taken by men, the number of houses shared by women and men was 7 162. Ardahan, with 29 residences in women in the provinces where the minimum housing sale occurred, was Hakkari with 89 housing in men.

Housing sale for foreigners broke record in 2018

The sale of housing to foreigners broke the record of all time in 2018, reaching the limit of 40 thousand.


The first city preference for foreigners in the housing purchase was not changed in 2018 and became Istanbul. Last year, 14 thousand 270 houses were sold to foreigners in Istanbul. Istanbul with 7 thousand 938 residences in Antalya, 2 thousand 720 residences with BURSA, 2 thousand 133 residences, Ankara and 2 thousand 63 residences followed by Yalova.

Last year for the first time in excess of the housing limit of thousand units in the provinces, respectively, with a thousand 366 houses, Sakarya, Thousand 344 residences, Trabzon, thousand 70 housing with Aydın and a thousand 22 residences became Mersin. The number of residences sold to foreigners in 2017 in only 4 provinces in Turkey was increased to 8 in this province. More than half of the housing sold to foreigners is located in Istanbul and Antalya. 36 of each 100 residences were sold in Istanbul and 20 in Antalya.

According to country nationals in the sale of housing to foreigners, Irak citizens in 2018, the summit did not leave its place. In this period, the sale of 8 thousand 205 units of housing for the Iraqis created 20.7 percent of total sales.
Last year, the Iraqis with 3 thousand 652 housing investments in the Iraqi, 2 thousand 718 with the number of Saudis, 2 thousand 297 with the Russians, 2 thousand 199 Kuwaiti, 2 thousand 84 The Afghans followed by the Russians.

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