Turkish Citizenship, after purchase!

“Turkish Citizenship, after purchase!”

How to acquire Turkish nationality after buying a $25,000 property or other equivalent currency, these methods will be listed to find out what you are going to face to get nationality easily.

Why would foreigners prefer to have Turkish


The stability that Turkey is experiencing plays an important role in order to become a security center for which all citizens who did not find such security and stability in their country aspire, as their country lacks stability in which it guarantees a decent life. Apart from Turkey’s economic strength, it has become a haven for investors from all countries of the world.

How does Turkey grant citizenship to foreigners and why?

Turkey has begun to grant Turkish citizenship to foreign investors. So, we will explain these facilities as follows:

A-an investor could acquire Turkish citizenship if he could acquire a property in excess of $25,000 and would pledge not to sell the property in less than Three months.

B-Fixed investment of at least $500,000.

C. providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens, instead of 100 citizens.

D- Reduction of the amount of the deposit requirement in Turkish banks from $3 million to $500 thousand.

—Steps to acquire Turkish nationality by buying a $250,000 property:

1- one or several real estate properties may be, but the property or total property value must be $250,000 equivalent in other currencies, the following must be considered:

A- Transfer from personal account and not accepted by Cashier or black market.

B. Not a joint account or corporate account.

C- Transfer directly to the owner of the property or the owner of the company and the owner of the property is exclusively “Turkish”.

D- The reason for the transfer must be written for the purchase of the property’s (Project Name and code number). For Turkish nationality, you must keep the copy of the transfer to attach to the file.

2- Real Estate Assessment must be 100% compliant and from a government-recognized company.

A municipal application submitted as “appropriate to nationality” on behalf of the landlord.

The registration of the Title Deed and Expenses matching $250,000 payment in Turkish lira, calculated as follows:

A- The rate of exchange shall be calculated on the day of the entry of the amount to the owner’s account at the central bank’s exchange rate and if the amount reached after a holiday calculated at the last working day’s exchange rate.

B: Registering the real estate price on Title Deed according to the central bank’s exchange rate on the day of the extraction of Title Deed.

* Personal papers.

His son’s statement to the husband certified by the foreign ministry, translated, and certified by the Turkish writer of justice.

A birth statement for every child under the age of 18 approved by the foreign ministry, translated and certified by the law Turkish Justice).

•A family statement, endorsed by the foreign ministry, translated, and certified by the Nationalist (Turkish writer of justice).

-The marriage contract approved by the foreign ministry, translated and certified by the Turkish justice clerk.

Fair and unconvicted record of crimes.

Personal photos of everyone with a white background (6).

A power of attorney from the wife authorizing the husband to present the wife’s papers for nationality.

In the presence of the lawyer, an agency for the husband and wife should be provided in order to provide all papers for nationality and follow them in all agencies responsible for handing the citizenship to the lawyer.

-All papers submitted by government centers and then sent to Ankara during a period of time. when approval is obtained, the property or real estate is reserved for three years and through seven stages at each stage is held by the government or security body responsible for them Send a text message at each stage of the government-defined period from 3 to 6 months.

-Upon completion of stage 7, it is directed to the personal status department and fingerprinting after the souls. Fees can be submitted on the basis of passport. The Turkish ID and passports are sent in the government mail to the address registered in the personal status department through the PTT.

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