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Zeytinburnu, Istanbul District as an Investment Area

Strategic location of Zeytinburnu, Istanbul:

As the property prices rose unevenly in the city of Istanbul, Zeytinburnu, with its excellent location between the historic peninsula and the International Airport of Istanbul, is considered as one of the most important investment centers that attract the real estate investors. Zeytinburnu is separated from the historic peninsula which is considered the center of Istanbul, by only historic walls. Moreover, it is only 20 minutes away from the International Airport of Istanbul, and it is one of the most important transportation centers in the city since most of the public transportations gather there including the metro, Metrobüs, tramway, Marmaray, and the sea transportations, in addition to an extensive network of bus lines heading to all areas of Istanbul city.

Zeytinburnu is surrounded by Fatih to the East, Eyup to the north-east, Bayrampasa to the north, Bakirköy to the west, Esenler to the north-west, and the Sea of Marmara to the south. Its coastal location and central position between these major regions contribute to raising its property prices on an ongoing basis.


A Distinctive Architectural Renaissance:

Regarding the trade and industry, Zeytinburnu district Istanbul is a critical center present within the city. But in recent times, it has also contributed to being a prominent area in showcasing the region’s dominant real estate projects. The entire plan would be to revitalize and revolutionize the development plan for the district, and also to bring about an age of urban Renaissance.

There has been a positive growth spurt regarding the business offices, luxurious shopping malls, and ultra-modern residential apartments in 10 years. So, many people are already hunting for sweet places in the district.

Real Estate costs are on a high, and the related markets have become active, which is why the number of projects has increased. This has also resulted in a steady rise in investment value and property prices.

Zeytinburnu has become a coin, as one of the noteworthy areas in Istanbul, which is a perfect amalgamation of both evolution and history. Also, it is one of the coastal areas are along the higher end of the food chain. The district has grown at a rapid rate in terms of its culture. It also contains an open-air museum for the attraction of tourists.

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